The Consulate of Madagascar in Hungary provides official legalization of documens with full rights ..... / FILAZANA AMIN'NY TENY (MALA)GASY / NOTES IN ENGLISH / INFORMATIONS Á LIRE EN FRANCAIS /

       The Consulate of Madagascar in Hungary provides official and non official translation of any documens: for example Student Card, Residence Card, Certificate confirming the home address of the applicant, National Identity Card, Certificate of nationality, Certificate of employment, Certificate of family booklet or marriage certificate for married persons etc ....

       The Consulate will charge an hourly consultation fee .....





      Replacement and naturalization of a driving license issued by a foreign authority ....

      The procedures are simple as long as they are organized.

      According to the Malagasy texts, real estate ownership depends on the nationality of the purchaser and on the legal status of the property.

       From this month of September 2019, Malagasy citizens will be exempt from the visa requirement to enter SADC (Southern African Development Community) member countries, including South Africa. .....




  • Ny saram-bidy rehetra dia aloha amin'ny EURO, izay tsy azo averina na onerana.
  • Mba hisorohana ny fahantarána eo amin'ny fikarakarana, dia hiangaviana ny tsirairay hamaky mialoha ny filazána, izay vao hanantona ny Konsily.
  • Ny fangatahana rehetra dia tokony haseho ny Konsily ao Budapest, Hongria.

    Andraikitry ny Konsily

    1. Fanamarinana ara-dalána ireo antontan-taratasy (Légalisation).

  • Ireo antontan-taratasy avy any tamin'ny Minisitry ny Raharaham-Bahiny na ny Manampahefana hafa any Madagasikara;
  • Antontan-taratasy ofisialy nomen'ny manam-pahefana hôngroá;
  • Fanamarinana ara-dalána ny fitondran-tena mendrika, nomen'ny manampahefana any Madagasikara;
  • Fanamarinana ara-dalána ny Nahaterahana (Acte de Naissance) na Kôpian'ny Nahaterahana izany, Bokim-mpianakaviana (Livret de Famille), Taratasy Fanamarinana Fanambadiana (Acte de Mariage), Taratasy Manamarina fa Tsy Manambady (Certificat de Célibat) nomen'ny Manampahefana any Madagasikara na teto Hôngria na teto Eoropa;
  • Taratasy fanamarinana ara-dalána ireo fanafody, izay napetraky ny mpangataka na ny Manam-pahefana milaza fa ara-dalána, izay natao tamin'ny teny Anglisy / frantsay;
  • Fanamarinana ara-dalána ny fanekena ny sonia ofisialy sy ny fotomboka ao anaty taratasy iray;
  • Fanamarinana ara-dalána ny dikan-teny ny antontan-taratasy (Traduction du Dossier) nataon'ny Konsily ( jereo: "FANDIKÁN-TENY ANTONTAN-TARATASY" );
  • Fanamarinana ara-dalána ny kôpia rehetra / fôtôkôpian'ny antontan-taratasy ofisialy (Carte d'Identité, Carte de Résidence, Carte d'Étudiant sy ny sisa);
  • Fanomezana taratasy fanamarinana (Attestation) ho an'ny dingana tsirairay, raha ofisialy no ilaina izany;

  • Fepetra takiana:

  • Fanolorana ireo antontan-taratasy, izay ho amarinina ho ara-dalána;
  • Saram-bidy isaky ny pejy, izay tsy azo averina na onerana: 50 € / Pejy.

    2. Taratasy Vonjy taitra - "Laissez Passer"

    Ny " Laissez Passer" dia Taratasy Vonjy Taitra izay azo homena ny olom-pirenena Malagasy monina any ivelany, mandritry ny ijanonany any, ary voamarika tanteraka anefa ny fahaverezan’ny pasipaoro. Ity antontan-taratasy ity dia azo ampiasaina handehanana any Madagasikara.

    Ny " Laissez Passer " dia tsy azo ampiasana mihoatra ny zotra mandeha any Madagasikara. Tsy maintsy aseho ny Manampahefana misahana ny Fifindra-mponenana ao Madagasikara izy ity, vao eo ampahatongavana eo amin'ny Seranam-piaramanidina Ivato.

    Ny "laissez-passer" dia manan-kery izay voafetra ho iray volana hatreo amin'ny daty nanomezana azy.

    Fepetra takiana:

  • Fangatahana an-taratasy milaza ny antony;
  • Fanamarinana nomen'ny Polisin'ny hongroá, manaporofo ny fahaverezan'ny pasipaoro;
  • Fôtôkôpian’ny tapakilan'ny fiaramanidina (billet d’avion) mizotra mankany Madagasikara;
  • Sary tapaka iray (4X4 cm);
  • Saram-bidy, izay tsy azo averina na onerana: 100 €.




  • All Consular Service Fees are paid in euro and non-refundable.
  • To avoid any unnecessary delays in the administration of the applicants, you are kindly asked to read carefully all information found on the website and to make sure that all necessary documents are available before you visit the Consulate.
  • All requests must be addressed to the Consulate in Budapest, Hungary.


    1 Authentication of documents

    Authentication of the following documents is provided at the Consulate:

  • Documents issued by Madagascar Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consular and Legal Department or other Malagasy authorities;
  • Official documents issued by Hungarian Administration and Authorities ( e.g. regulatory approvals) , academic certificates, which were legalized by the relevant hungarian authorities;
  • Certificates of "good conduct" issued by Madagascar Authority;
  • Birth certificate, Cerficate of Marriage, Cerficate of Celibacy, Family Booklet or a copy of the original certificate issued by Madagascar and Hungarian Authorities;
  • Pharmaceutical certificates , which must be submitted by the applicant and the relevant authorities legalized in English / French;
  • Authentication of official signature and seal present in a document ;
  • All copies / photocopies of official documents (Identity Card, Residence Card, Student Card etc.) must be legalized;
  • Authentication of translation provided by the consulate and other customers;
  • Issuying a Certificate: for each procedure, for official request;

  • Requirements:

  • The documents to be authenticated ;
  • Consular Service Fee per page ( non-refundable ): 50 € / Page .

    2 Emergency travel document - "Laisser-Passer"

    An emergency travel document ( " laissez-passer " ) will be issued to a Malagasy citizen who is abroad during his/her stay and is certified by losing his/her national passport . This substitution of the passport is named "laissez-passer" and becomes a travel document to use back to Madagascar.
    The " laissez-passer " is usually just a ride, issued to aim to travel to Madagascar, and it shall be submitted to the Immigration Authorities in Madagascar once the individual arrives at the airport of Ivato.
    The validity of the "laissez-passer" is fixed between one and three months from the date of issue.


  • Written request of "laissez-passer" issue;
  • Certificate issued by Hungarian or Slovakian or Czech police announcing the loss of passport;
  • Photocopies of flight ticket to Madagascar;
  • One passport photo;
  • Consular Service Fee ( non-refundable ): 100 € .




  • Tous les Frais des Services Consulaires sont payés en espéces en euros et non remboursables.
  • Afin d'éviter tout retard inutile dans l'administration, vous êtes prié de bien vouloir lire attentivement les informations avant de vous rendre au Consulat.
  • Toutes les demandes concernées doivent être consultées au Consulat de Budapest, en Hongrie.


    1 Légalisation, authentification des documents

  • Légalisation des documents délivrés par le Ministére des Affaires étrangéres ou autres autorités de Madagascar;
  • Légalisation des documents officiels délivrés par les autorités compétentes hongroises;
  • Légalisation des Certificats de bonne conduite délivrés par l'autorité de Madagascar;
  • Légalisation des dossiers tels que "Acte de Naissance, Certificat de Célibat, Livret de Famille, Acte de Mariage", ou Copie du Certificat original délivré par les autorités de Madagascar ou de la Hongrie;
  • Légalisation des Certificats pharmaceutiques, qui doivent être présentés par le demandeur ou les autorités compétentes á être légalisées en anglais / français;
  • Légalisation de la signature officielle et du sceau présents dans un document;
  • Légalisation de la traduction du dossier fournie par le Consulat ou par d'autres clients;
  • Toutes copies / photocopies des documents officiels (Carte d'Identité, Carte de Séjour, Carte d'Étudiant etc.) doivent être légalisées;
  • Emission d'un certificat ou d'une attestation (igazolás) pour chaque procédure, sur demande officielle;

  • Exigences:

  • Présentation des documents pour être légalisés;
  • Frais des Services Consulaires par page, non remboursables: 50 € / Page.

    2 Document de voyage d'urgence - "Laisser-Passer"

    Le "Laisser-Passer" est un document de voyage d'urgence qui pourrait être délivré á un citoyen malagasy résidant á l'étranger, au cour de son séjour, il est certifié strictement par la perte de son passeport national. Ce document de voyage ne peut être utilisé que pour rejoindre Madagascar.
    Le "laissez-passer" est donc en général un simple trajet destiné á se rendre á Madagascar.
    Il doit être présenté aux autorités de l'immigration de Madagascar une fois que l'individu est arrivé á l'aéroport d'Ivato.
    La validité du "laissez-passer" est fixée entre un mois á compter de la date de délivrance.


  • Demande écrite pour cause de la délivrance d'un "laissez-passer";
  • Certificat délivré par la Police hongroise prouvant la perte du passeport;
  • Photocopies du billet d'avion á destination de Madagascar;
  • Une photo d'identité;
  • Frais des Services Consulaires (non remboursables): 100 €.


    The Consulate of Madagascar in Hungary provides official and certified translation  of any documens (for administrative purposes):
    for example Student Card, Residence Card, Certificate confirming the home address of the applicant, National Identity Card, Certificate of nationality, Certificate of employment, Certificate of family booklet or marriage certificate for married persons etc ....

    The following services are available for official and unofficial documents

  • translation (from Malagasy to Hungarian or from Hungarian to Malagasy, or French to Hungarian, English to Hungarian, German to Malagasy.....)
  • proofreading/lectoring: ( checking the translation of the source language text already completed for linguistic and / or professional and stylistic purposes.
  • revised translation (
  • certified translation (for administrative purposes)

  • Fees

    All consular fees are payable in EURO and are non-refundable.

    Translation 0,1 Euro / character
    Lectoring 0,07 Euro / character
    Revised translation 0,17 Euro / character
    Certified translation 0,17 Euro / character + 50 Euro / page

    Translation fees are based on the character strings of the source text (without spaces)

    BE AWARE !!!!

    Consular consultation

    The Consulate will charge an hourly consultation fee for:

    (1) information upon business opportunities in Madagascar (investment inquiries, business start-up: to what you need to pay attention, how a company is set up and running, which form of company, what type of taxation you will need to complete your plans , business visa, etc.);
    (2) other matters : information upon Madagascar citizenship, family reunification issues, expired national passports, travel issues, social and social issues such as foundation, school building, etc., issuing of Attestation or Certificate for official purposes etc ....

    We are not able to provide information or advice on such matters by telephone or email.

    The consultation fee or consular fee on other matters is 20 000 HUF per hour, which is prepaid and non-refundable.

    Please ask for an appointment for information advice:

    1026-Budapest, Sövény u.3.
    Tel.: +36 20 3444 668


    The Consulate of the Republic of Madagascar calls on Malagasy citizens living in Hungary to extend or renew their expired passport via the Consulate of Madagascar in Budapest.

    All Malagasy nationals residing in Europe are called to renew their passports and to provide in this respect all the required documents listed below:

    Renewal of National Passport:

  • Written request to be addressed to the Consulate, in mentionning the raison
  • Application Form (To be printed out and filled in!)
  • Copy of the old or expired passport.
  • Full copy of birth certificate less than six months.
  • Four (04) recent passport photos (sary tapaka)(neither glasses nor earrings).
  • One (01) recent full size photo (sary lava) (neither glasses nor earrings).
  • Copy of the Student Card.
  • Copy of valid Residence Card (in Europe).
  • Certificate confirming the home address of the applicant.
  • Copy of the National Identity Card.
  • Copy of Certificate of nationality.
  • Copy of Certificate of employment
  • Certificate of family booklet or marriage certificate for married persons.
  • Subject to production of other documents deemed useful.
  • Charge of 190 € cash, required by the Ministry.
  • 80 € cash, Consular Services Fee.

    Authentication of Document

    Please contact the Consulate of Madagascar in Budapest, in order to that the Consulate credibly authenticates all copies of documents issued by Madagascar and the Hungarian or other european authorities.

    Do not waste more time at other embassies for the renewal of your expired passport, the Consulate of Madagascar in Budapest ensures the management of renewal of your paseport. For that, save time by choosing the Consulate of Madagascar in Budapest.

    For more info about, let you visit "CONSULATE" page

    Authentication / Legalization of documents:                                     =====> CONSULAR      ISSUES

    Replacement and naturalization of a driving license issued by a foreign authority


    1. Name of the competent body

  • In case of naturalization of a foreign driving license, the Central Office for Public Administration and Electronic Public Services (KEKKH) is the competent body. )
  • Address: 1133 Budapest XIII., Visegrádi utca 110-112.

  • 2. Jurisdiction

    As of 01 January 2013, duties related to the naturalization of a driving license, issued by a third country authority, fall within the exclusive competence of KEKKH. The procedure for the nationalization of a driving license issued by a third country authority may be applied for at the Central Office Personal Customer Service (1133 Budapest XIII, Visegrádi utca 110-112.).

    3. Documentation required for administration

    Documents to be presented at administration:

  • valid documents validating identity (identity card, passport)
  • for a foreign national, a document certifying the country of normal residence
  • • a certificate of passing a course-free exam (if the validity of the driving license can not be established even after the authentic Hungarian translation)

  • Documents to be attached to the administration:

  • >driving license issued by a foreign authority
  • Medical opinion certifying medical aptitude / fitness, if the period of health aptitude / fitness can not be determined from the foreign driving license or deviates from the period specified in the Hungarian legislation
  • document containing the statement giving the driving license
  • certificate attesting to the payment of administrative service charge for the driving license
  • Certificate of aptitude / fitness for a professional as a professional driver
  • a certified translation into Hungarian of a foreign driving license (if the country where the driving license was issued did not join the 1968 Vienna Road Transport Convention)

  • 4. Method of submission of the document instituting the proceedings (application)
  • Only personally.

  • 5. Amount of process duty (administrative service charge)

    In case of naturalization of a foreign driving license:
  • fee for the naturalization of a foreign driving license, issued by a third country, is HUF 6 200
  • If a course-free exam is required, an administrative service fee of HUF 4 500 per exam will be payable to the traffic management authority. ..
  • Fees may be paid on the spot by credit card.

  • 6. Over-validating Documents - WORTHLY IMPORTANT !!!!!

    Before going to the Hungarian Public Administration / Public Administration Office (KEKKH), please contact the Consulate of Madagascar in Budapest, in order that the Consulate credibly authenticates all documents issued by the Madagascar Authority.
    (Refer to "CONSULATE"    page
                                                                     =====> CONSULAR      ISSUES


    The procedures are simple as long as they are organized.

    Why spend his retirement in Madagascar?

    Madagascar is a destination that can be enjoyable for retired people. Climate, low cost of living, leisure and culture, many of the assets of this island in the Indian Ocean can attract more than one retiree.
    More about ...... Transformable Immigrant Visa / Retirement


    According to the Malagasy texts, real estate ownership depends on the nationality of the purchaser and on the legal status of the property.
    =====> MORE      ABOUT

    Malagasy citizens (people of Madagascar) exempt from visa to enter South Africa and 66 other countries.

    From this month of September 2019, Malagasy citizens will be exempt from the visa requirement to enter SADC (Southern African Development Community) member countries, including South Africa
    =====> MORE      ABOUT

    Important Information

    That should be known: :

    Address of the Consulate:
    1026 Budapest, Sövény utca 3.
    from Monday to Thursday: 11:00 - 15:00,
    ONLY by previous registration on arrival.


    Useful information

    The main island is the fourth largest island in the World, located in the Indian Ocean. It is famous for pepper, vanilla, and of course the Lemurs. Its population 90% malagasy, 5% europeans, 3% asiatics (indo-pakistanis and chinese), 2% others.
      + Languages: malagasy (the official national language), french and english.
      + State form : Republic, of which:
         - Executive - president, prime minister, cabinet;      - Legislative - National Assembly and Senat;      - Juridical - Supreme Court, High Court of Justice, Constitutional High Court
      + Capital of Madagascar: Antananarivo (1 300 000 inhab.)

    1. Climate

    Two seasons noticeable:

       + Austral summer (from November to March): hot and humid
       + Austral winter (from April to October): dry season, fairly cold on the high lands

    2. Hygienic provisions

    There is no safe tap water so be prepared with bottled water. The only other option is rice water (water used to cook rice, which will therefore have been boiled). Particularly important to plan ahead if visiting rural areas. In towns, roadside drink stands, stores, and bars are plentiful. Most sell a range of drinks including bottled water, Coca Cola and Madagascar's beer, Three Horses Beer ("THB"). You can also try the bubblegum flavored soda 'Bonbon Anglais'.

    3. Currency

    Malagasy Ariary.
    Actually  1 euro = 4 122 Ariary (Refer to Exchange rates)
              1 HUF    = 12.71 Ariary
    In general, banks, hotels and retail outlets accept credit cards, travelers checks and foreign currency.

    4. Stay safe

    Madagascar is a fairly safe country.
    You must, however, respect some simple principles:

  • Don't walk around at night in big cities.
  • Don't show signs of riches (cameras, jewels, ...).
  • Don't resist in case of aggression.
  • Keep your eyes on your stuff when you take public transportation or go to markets where numerous pickpockets swarm.
    It should also be noted that, like any other third world country, the presence of beggars never goes unnoticed. This is sometimes uncomfortable for tourists, but these people should be respected none-the-less. They are, predictably, attracted to foreigners and will not hesitate to ask for a hand out. It is recommended that you do not give money, but other useful items, such as a banana, a piece of bread, etc. It is usually accepted with gratitude, and if the beggar is a child, he will run away with a smile on his face.

    5. Telecomunication

    International calls can be arranged at post offices, prepaid or pay phone or a mobile phone (taxiphone