The Consulate of Madagascar is one body of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Madagascar, and is responsible for broadcasting the Malagasy (Madagascar) diplomacy, international trade, culture, around the world where there is no Embassy of Madagascar, such as the case in Hungary.


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Madagascar, an exceptional tourist attraction

Madagascar "the Red island", with its large rivery from the West that flow into the channel of Mozambique but also Madagascar, "the Green island" with its luxurious jungle in the East, its dry forests in the West and its thorny bushes int he South.

The largest Island of the Indian Ocean amazes many travellers looking for exotic landscapes. The landscapes vary a lot, rich and different everywhere. Massifs in the form of ruins at Isalo, strongholds of jagged tsingy in the limestone massifs and clasified as a World Patrimory by UNESCO, coral reefs and mangroves bordering the 5 000 km of coasts are only some elements to be discovered int he immensity of a country with contrasted regions. This sanctuary of nature shelters endemic fauna and flora that live in harmony with the Malagasy people, well known for cultural richness.

Aware of these exceptional tourism potentialities, Madagascar has set up a policy that is cocerned with the developement of an equitable and interdependent tourism, vehicle of a sustainable development, both for the Malagasy economy and for its visitors and environment.

Still far behind the great flow of tourits, but already appreciated by the connoissors and amators of a true tourism who have become unconditional fans, Madagascar is the promise of an original and authentic tourism.

To promote Foreign Investments in the Republic of Madagascar the following measures were taken:

+ A foreign investor may acquire property already in the tourism sector.
+ The investors enjoy tax relief to agricultural and industrial equipment, transport and commercial vehicles, household appliances and IT equipment concerned.
+ In order to simplify the administrative procedures, an Office for Investment and Development in Single Window (GUIDE = Guichet Unique des Investissements et de Developement de l'Entreprise) has been set up.

Thanks to these favorable conditions, the island is open and looks forward to visitors and investors.

Madagascar is safe! Madagascar should be discovered?

Together, let us discover this Island Continent with its virgin sites.

Randrianasolo Lalarison Richard Louis
honorary consul


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