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The Consular Mission of Madagascar in Hungary provides visas issuance with full rights.


Possessing of entry visa, European and non-european citizens may visit Madagascar.


Madagascar has lifted all travel restrictions
The government has announced that all travel restrictions related to Covid-19 have been lifted for all travelers to Madagascar.
This decision will take effect on Thursday, August 11, 2022.

From now on, it is not necessary to present the negative result of the PCR test upon boarding.
The same applies to antigen tests on arrival.

The island welcomes all travelers, vaccinated or not, from all countries.


Dear Travelers,

 The Consulate of the Republic of Madagascar in Budapest informs you that the conditions for obtaining a visa at IVATO International Airport and other airports or harbors in Madagascar have changed. According to this, non-visa foreign nationals arriving at IVATO Airport and other (ie. NOSY BE) airports and harbors in Madagascar must apply for an official control number at the airport or harbor, pay the visa fee at the cashier's desk, the authorities will check that the payment has been made and then issue the visa.

 The above procedure is extremely time consuming and tedious as at each desk agent, you have to wait a long queue . Therefore, if you want to avoid this, we recommend you , before traveling, to use the visa service offered by the Consulate of Madagascar in Budapest , which allows you to obtain a visa comfortably and within a very short time.

 We wish you a pleasant and safe trip to Madagascar!


1. a valid passport for six months beyond application date,
2. one completed application form and signed, (I propose to send me, in advance by email, this fully completed and signed visa application.) UPLOAD ...
3. one (01) piece of photo pasted on to the space provided,
4. a copy of airline ticket (A/R) or booking confirmation from travel agency,
5. also for this type of visa, specific supplements would be required.
6. visa fee.

B). WITH DIPLOMATIC or OFFICIAL SERVICE PASSPORT when traveling, You are kindly asked to provide with:

1. Completed Visa application form, (I propose to send me, in advance by email, this fully completed and signed visa application.) UPLOAD ...
2. Valid diplomatic or official service passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of entry (passport must accompany the application)
3. One (01) colour passport photograph
4. An official letter "Note Verbale" or "Verbal Note" from the applicant's Diplomatic Mission/Organisation.

This "Note Verbale" or "Verbal Note" should state
(a) the full identity of the visa applicant and
(b) the grounds for him/her holding a diplomatic /official passport (position within the diplomatic Mission or family links with an official),
(c) the full details of the travel document , and
(d) finally the purposes and dates of the stay in Madagascar.

C). BUSINESS / RETIREMENT, DEFINITIVE MOVE TO MADAGASCAR when traveling, You are kindly asked to provide with:

(Applicable to those who seek visas for more than 90 days stay in Madagascar, for ONLY employment or work reasons or retirement or business creation in Madagascar or company transferring to Madagascar or definitive move to Madagascar (pensioner, family reunification, etc..) )

0. A two-page Apllication Form filled and signed, (I propose to send me, in advance by email, this fully completed and signed visa application.) UPLOAD ...
1. This type of visa will be issued only by the Consulate to those who seek to stay in Madagascar for more than ninety (90) days, that means ONLY the Consulate can issue this type of visa and it cannot be issued at ports of entry in Madagascar.
The length of this type of visa is no more than one month.
2. This visa bears the mention "Transformable" and "Extendable" to enable the applicant, once arriving in Madagascar, to apply for a Long Stay Visa at the Ministry of Interior (Department of Immigration) in Madagascar within one month's time.


(1) Valid passport (Six-month validity is required following the Date of Departure from Madagascar, – Photocopies of passport are not accepted).
(2) A two-page Apllication Form filled and signed, UPLOAD ...
(3) three (03) identity photo.
(4) Certificate of Criminal Record (together with its authentic and certified translation into french) not older than 3 months.
(5) Photocopy of applicant's return ticket or itinerary issued by Airliner or Travel Agency.
(6) Letter of intent or document signed and dated by the applicant setting out the reasons for the long stay + translation into French; (other than the Invitation).
(7) In case of transferring Existing Business from abroad to Madagascar, this Existing Company file is required, together with authentic and certified translation into french, as following:
  + Status of the Existing Company and appointment of Minutes as Agent or Manager, registered with the Tax Central Office + translation into French;
  + Declaration or Certificate of the Existence of the Company + translation into French;
  + The Company Statistics Card + translation into French;
  + Extract from the Register of Commerce and Companies (RCS) of the Company + translation into French;
  + Tax Identification Card (CIF) or Business Card + translation into French;
  + Corporate Banking Certification + translation into French;
  + Certificate of Tax Payment + translation into French;

(8) (a) Letter of endorsement, (b) Invitation from Madagascar Employer, (c) Certificate of Employment Autorization issued by the Madagascar Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social.
(9) Supporting documents upon Madagascar livelihood (eg. bank account statement or a declaration by the host institution to assume all the costs of the stay in Madagascar, etc.).
(10) Photocopy of vaccination against yellow fever (required for visitors who have spent the last 6 months in yellow fever-infested areas prior to their visit to Madagascar).
(11) Payment of visa fee (70 Euro). .

Note: Fees for this kind öf visa are subject to change without notice.

D). STUDY or RESEARCH PURPOSES when traveling

the following documents should be submitted:

(0) A two-page Apllication Form filled and signed, (I propose to send me, in advance by email, this fully completed and signed visa application.) UPLOAD ...
(1) official letter of invitation in documentary form
(2) the institution, Madagascar inviting party, address and phone number,
(3) photocopy of the national identity card or passport of the inviting party, as responsible contact person
(4) document certifying from the host institution, and saying that you are the selected candidate for research
(5) address of expected accommodation in Madagascar.
(6) document certifying occupancy in Madagascar (eg, hotel, dormitory accommodations or copy of tenancy agreement)
(7) Madagascar's livelihood supporting documents (bank statement or a statement of the parents to stay in Madagascar assume all costs, or document certifying the scholarship if any)
(8) document from educational institution proofing of tuition payment or exemption if any.
(9) visa fee.

E). NON-PROFIT PURPOSES when traveling

(eg. volunteer work, charity-related business), the following documents in French/English shall be submitted to the Consulate before starting the journey not later than 30 days:

(1) Valid passport (Six-month validity is required following the Date of Departure from Madagascar,
(2) A two-page Apllication Form filled and signed, (I propose to send me, in advance by email, this fully completed and signed visa application.) UPLOAD ...
(3) Three (03) identity photos.
(4) the organization's (NGO) / company's introductory description (activities, references)
(5) the purpose of travel (eg. volunteer work, charity-related business)
(6) a detailed description of the mission in Madagascar (the exact date of arrival, departure and exact date, description of the daily activities of the mission will be used for equipment, list of medicines etc., details of emerging needs for the operation of the mission.)
(7) each member of the mission must provide : (1) CV with photo, (2) letter of motivation with photo
(8) for each profession, one photocopy of professional certificates or diplom - doctor/physician, nurses, teacher, technician, etc. - must be provided as well with translation into french/english
(9) document certifying from the host institution
(10) expected confirmation of accommodation in Madagascar.
(11) Supporting documents upon Madagascar livelihood (eg. bank account statement or a declaration by the host institution to assume all the costs of the stay in Madagascar, etc.).
(12) Certificate of Criminal Record (together with its authentic and certified translation into english/french) not older than 3 months.
(13) Proof of submission of the application for employment authorization issued by the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Legislation.
(14) other programs outside of the missionary in Madagascar during the stay in.
(15) visa fee.

Important Information

That should be known: :

  • Visas (type: tourist, transit) are issued for stays up to 90 days. During this time you are expressly forbidden to take paid work ,
  • Be aware that a tourist visa can not be extended!
  • The Consulate reserves himself the right to exam the authenticity of the submitted documents.
  • The Consulate shall make request for additional informations.
  • Untrue statment may result the rejection of the visa enquiry.
  • The Consulate reserves himself the right to reject visa enquiry.
  • Please note that visa fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • Processing time for issuing visa - from date of deposit of application - :
      o 1 business day, even wihin 30 minutes, even within 1 hour.

    Visa fees :

    a) Tourist visa

  • single entry :                                              50 euro.
  • multiple entry (in case of Cruise):              50 euro.
  • multiple entry (in case of dry ground):      70 euro.

    b) Other types of visa (family visit, international conference, seminar, family events, sports events, cultural and religious events, transit)

    • single entry: 50 euro.

    c) Business visa

  • multiple entry :                                             70 euro.

    Please note that visa fees must be paid in-cash
    in euro.
    Furthermore, visa fees are non-refundable.

    Visa application form

  • Visa administration can be occured either personnally or by an authorized or accredited person or by travel agency.

  • Application form can be obtained at the Consulate's Budapest office or free upload from website.

    (I propose to send me, in advance by email, this fully completed and signed visa application.)

  • Upload the Application form (1)...... UPLOAD
  • Additional information for the following types of visa: business, conference, congress, volunteer, research. UPLOAD: (Additional Application form (2)...... )

    Visa administration:
    HUNGARY, 1026  Budapest, Sövény utca  3.
    from Monday to Thursday: 11:00 - 15:00,
    ONLY by previous registration on arrival.



    Consular consultation

    The Consulate introduces an hourly consultation fee in the following cases:

    (1) Business opportunities:

    (1.a) - About Madagascar (investment-related questions, starting a business: what to pay attention to, how the process of establishing a company starts and proceeds, what kind of company, what type of taxation you will need to implement your plans, business visa, etc.);

    (1.b) - About Hungary, information on the export and import of products and information on list of companies operating in concrete area (for example, for tropical products: vanilla spices, etc.)

    (2) Managing other matters

    - questions related to Malagasy citizenship: how to obtain Malagasy naturalization?
    - questions related to family reunification,
    - questions related to expired national (Madagascar) passport,
    - questions related to mixed marriage,
    - questions related to getting hungarian naturalization,
    - questions related to travel ,
    - questions on social areas, such as creation of a foundation, possibility of building a school in Madagascar, etc...
    - questions for foreigners related to wishing to settle in Madagascar,
    - about questions for foreigners related to wishing to buy real estate in Madagascar.

    In such cases, we are unable to provide information or advice either by phone or e-mail.

    The consultation fee is HUF 20 000 per hour (twenty thousand Hungarian Forint) or 50 Euro per hour (fifty Euro), which must be paid IN-CASH and is non-refundable.

    Please ask for an appointment for informational advice.

    1026-Budapest, Sövény u.3.
    Phone: +36 20 3444 668

    Useful information

    The main island is the fourth largest island in the World, located in the Indian Ocean. It is famous for pepper, vanilla, and of course the Lemurs. Its population 90% malagasy, 5% europeans, 3% asiatics (indo-pakistanis and chinese), 2% others.
      + Languages: malagasy (the official national language), french and english - officially - are spoken as well.
      + State form : Republic, of which:
        - Executive - president, prime minister, cabinet;
        - Legislative - National Assembly and Senat;
        - Juridical - Supreme Court, High Court of Justice, Constitutional High Court
      + Capital of Madagascar: Antananarivo (1 300 000 inhab.)

    1. Climate

    Two seasons noticeable:

       + Austral summer (from November to March): hot and humid
       + Austral winter (from April to October): dry season, fairly cold on the high lands

    2. Hygienic provisions

    There is no safe tap water so be prepared with bottled water. The only other option is rice water (water used to cook rice, which will therefore have been boiled). Particularly important to plan ahead if visiting rural areas.
    In towns, roadside drink stands, stores, and bars are plentiful. Most sell a range of drinks including bottled water, Coca Cola and Madagascar's beer, Three Horses Beer ("THB"). You can also try the bubblegum flavored soda 'Bonbon Anglais'.

    3. Currency

    Malagasy Ariary.
    Actually 1 euro = 4 122 Ariary (Refer to actual Exchange rates)
    In general, banks, hotels and retail outlets accept credit cards, travelers checks and foreign currency.

    4. Stay safe

    Madagascar is a fairly safe country. You must, however, respect some simple principles:

  • Don't walk around at night in big cities.
  • Don't show signs of riches (cameras, jewels, ...).
  • Don't resist in case of aggression.
  • Keep your eyes on your stuff when you take public transportation or go to markets where numerous pickpockets swarm.

    It should also be noted that, like any other third world country, the presence of beggars never goes unnoticed. This is sometimes uncomfortable for tourists, but these people should be respected none-the-less. They are, predictably, attracted to foreigners and will not hesitate to ask for a hand out. It is recommended that you do not give money, but other useful items, such as a banana, a piece of bread, etc. It is usually accepted with gratitude, and if the beggar is a child, he will run away with a smile on his face.

    5. Telecomunication

    International calls can be arranged at post offices, prepaid or pay phone or a mobile phone (taxiphone).